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Augusta BizBitz

BAM IS BACK! My years covering CSRA business tells me that when businesses’ “temporarily close” and say they’ll re-open—they usually don’t. It’s happened with Sunshine Bakery in downtown Augusta, Moe’s on Washington Road in National Hills and in about 9 out of 10 situations. So, when Books-A-Million announced it was closing its Aiken Mall store…

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National grocery store chain remodels 87 stores, including three in CSRA

A national grocery store chain has made significant improvements to many of its locations, including three in the CSRA. Meg Ham – President of Food Lion, says the remodeling of 87 stores has made shopping easier and more convenient for customers. (Photo taken from the Food Lion, which currently has 1,103 locations in 10 states, recently…

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Starbucks closes temporarily while other quick serve restaurants adapt to Covid’s second wave

Dozens of cars passed through the drive-thru line Wednesday morning to radio silence and then read the small sign on the drive-through window No large sign out front. No sign of baristas. Foggy weather and fogginess in general at Starbucks on Thursday morning outside of the Riverwood Subdivision in Evans. Many cars patiently waited in line…

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How we can help the CSRA hospitality industry in need

Editor’s Note: This story was first published on May 27th. With the emergence of the Delta Variant, not a lot has changed for the hospitality industry in the CSRA. On Tuesday morning the Starbucks Coffee Shop on Washington Road at I-20 CLOSED because there was not enough staff to service guests. They re-opened Wednesday morning…

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