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During the Month of March we are running a promotion that will enter anyone upgrading to a Gold, Silver or Bronze membership for a chance to win a FREE 10 minute Podcast session in a REAL studio with publisher Neil Gordon. Winner will be announced April 1st on our eNewsletter and on our Facebook page. 

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Use your “vodcast” to promote whatever you want and how you would like to present it. Your 10 minute podcast session will be available on our podcast network and also on our YouTube Channel for audio and video promotion. Below are a few podcasts examples similar to the type our promotion winner would have at their disposal. 

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Be sure to take advantage of this great opportunity to become a part of our network! This promotion not only gives you the benefit of daily local business insider information with the chance to ALSO get a valuable Podcast to use to market your business as well! Upgrade to our network and upgrade your business today!

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