Wed, June 12, 2024

Free Access: Tech Alert: Are public Wi-Fi sites safe?

People often wonder, should you use public Wi-Fi? Commonly, folks will use VPN tools, but I want to make sure you know that these tools can often be a source of malware and breaches. Beware of using these options when looking to protect your computer from attacks using public Wi-Fi.

Here is what I recommend watching out for:

First, if you are entering passwords or interacting with your bank, be sure that you are only interacting on sites that begin with HTTPS. If the website does not have HTTPS in the bar and it’s just an HTTP site, be sure you do not provide the site with your sensitive information.

The second measure of protection you can use is to be sure you are connected to the legitimate Wi-Fi provided by the location, not just a random router that shows up in your available networks. For instance, if you are at Starbucks, be sure you are connected to that network and no other available networks that may show up in your available Wi-Fi networks.

There are additional protective measures that you can implement and me and our team at Crosslink Consulting would be more than happy to provide you with those options. You can reach us at 803-279-1100 or

Below is a video for more information that we created for you.

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