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Local handyman launches mobile business

Jonathan Lechner’s business provides so many home services that listing all of them is a challenge.

Last Monday, May 8, Lechner launched Lechner Home Services, a mobile handyman business.  He performs a variety of household tasks, such as assembling furniture, repairing drywall, installing toilets, changing lightbulbs, and mounting TVs.

Lechner said he started by performing many of those services for his friends and family.


“I was getting so many requests that I decided to make a business out of it,” he said. “I have a long history and background in construction, electrical work, and painting.”

Jonathan Lechner’s home service business can do any household task from mounting TVs to repairing drywall.

So far, business is going very well.

“I netted over $2,000 in my first week, and we’re on track to match that this week,” Lechner said.

He provides free estimates, and for most jobs, charges $125 for the first hour and $90 for each hour after that. If customers request one simple service, such as changing lightbulbs, Lechner asks them to make a list of household repairs they need.

His motto is, “We exist to serve you and your home.”

For now, he does all the work himself, but in the future, he hopes to expand and hire additional help.

Lechner said the hardest part of starting his business has been networking and marketing his services. He joined a local BNI International group that allows him to network with other business professionals.

Jonathan Lechner, owner of Lechner Home Services

Lechner serves his customers on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, and he reserves Thursday for networking. For more information about Lechner Home Services or to request his services, visit the business’s Facebook page or call 706-339-7101.

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