Mon, May 20, 2024

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ABD is unveiling a SIMPLE, FAST way to SEARCH for ABD’s over 4,000 (and growing) news articles, pages and “podcasts” (ie. videos). No typing required, just click on a link in Section 1, 2, or 3 below. You’ll find 100s of links to interesting news articles that many of you have not likely seen yet. Check it out! After you read a story, click the Back Button to return to the Google Search Results.

WANT TO CUSTOMIZE YOUR SEARCH RESULTS? There are tips located at the bottom of this page. Happy Searching and Learning more about the CSRA!

1) B2B NEWS ARTICLES are intended more for business organizations wanting to find other businesses and organizations that may have relevance and interest to their businesses (potential clients or suppliers, for example).

2) CONSUMER NEWS ARTICLES are intended more for consumers (retail customers) wanting to find businesses and organizations that have relevance and interest to them

3) ADDITIONAL ABD CATEGORIES may surprise you by how much information is in this section!

  • Desktops and laptops computers often have more options to modify searches than cell phones.
  • Click on NEWS at the top of the search if:
    • You are having problems (especially on cellphones) that you are getting unwanted ads, OR
    • Search results are from any websites other than ABD, OR
    • You would like to see a small photo with each link of search results.
  • If you want to refine a search to include another word(s), add a + next to the word (ie. +Palmer)
  • If you want to not have a certain word or words on a search results page, put a – next to the word (ie. -Nicholas)
  • For phrases you want, put the phrases between quotes (ie. “The Masters”)
  • For more information, search for “How to do Advanced Google Searches” (you could add “on iPhone”, “Android” “PC”, “Mac”, etc.). And also click: How to use Google Search