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Women to Know: Tara DeLoach is dedicated to helping deal with life challenges

Name: Tara DeLoach
Company/Title: Tara DeLoach, LLC, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist/Owner
Address: 930 Stevens Creek Road, Augusta, GA
Phone: 706-343-3661

No matter how successful you are, life and business present everyday challenges. Some are more monumental than others. One thing is certain, the two are often intertwined.

“If you aren’t functioning well, if you can’t relax, or focus, or if you’re struggling in your relationships, then that will show up at work. You’ll have difficulties meeting deadlines, managing challenges with employees and customers, or you may struggle to just make it into the office” explained DeLoach.

Some of that comes from the financial stress of running a business and DeLoach says that is one of the biggest strains on marriage and family. So, it’s a Catch 22 and an evolving process. Studies show that nearly 90% of people who get counseling from an LMFT improve their emotional health.

DeLoach caught on to the circle of counseling and its benefits from a young age. Her father was in law enforcement and her mom was in health care. Her family also served in the military.

“I was the second employee hired when the Augusta Vet Center was opened. I was directly involved in the development of the clinical programs we offered. Five years later, I had the honor of becoming the Director.”

For some perspective, law enforcement and military personnel are at risk for developing PTSD following disaster response, combat operations, or other traumatic events. Additionally, anyone who experiences sexual assault, child abuse, domestic violence, or even a traffic collision can suffer trauma, which can impact the way you think, feel, and function.

“My personal experiences and witnessing the impact of trauma on the Veterans I’ve worked with stoked a fire in me. Trauma doesn’t come from one source, many kinds of difficult experiences can change the way we think, the way we develop relationships, and how we view life and business in general.”

Her services include treating depression, grief, anxiety, complex trauma, and PTSD, among other issues. Yet, DeLoach says sometimes it’s difficult for people to reach out for help.

“Why am I someone to know? I think it’s incredibly important for the community to know who their mental health providers are. We find it easier to ask for recommendations for primary care providers, stylists, or babysitters, but so few people are comfortable asking for or giving recommendations about their therapist. The stigma associated with mental health can cultivate guilt and shame that prevents people from asking for help. I want to help people feel safe, safe enough to discuss whatever is keeping them from being comfortable and functional in all aspects of their life.”

Over the past 16 years, DeLoach has worked with clients as they address the impact of trauma, challenging life situations, and grief. Her clients have often faced some of the most difficult experiences imaginable, and the work with her clients is focused on resolving these traumas, developing a better understanding of self, and creating a more fulfilling life. This can often be done without reliving painful memories, but with a focus on releasing burdens and working toward internal integration and harmony.

Per her website, DeLoach has bridged specialized training as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with trauma-informed treatment models, specifically Internal Family Systems, to provide personalized care. She is a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional and spent 10 years working exclusively with trauma and bereavement with the Department of Veterans Affairs.

DeLoach is mindful of the fact that trauma is the response and not the event. “Our body and mind’s response to trauma is natural and necessary for healing. But it can be extremely painful and cause conflict in many areas of a person’s life.” She says it’s difficult to know what it’s like to live someone else’s experience.

“I find my work very rewarding. For some, the perception is that there’s one goal – the resolution of symptoms. But for any kind of trauma therapy, there are many trailheads to consider. Trauma changes people at their core, so much of the work is often focused on reconnection to self. Healing is very much a process.”

Tara DeLoach comes from a long line of “carers.” What she has learned through her family experiences and helping many others along the way is that, “You have to be willing to invest in yourself to perform optimally.”

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