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July 27, 2023

Shawna Woodward

Real Talk Real Estate: Quick tips for buying a home

Last week, I focused on what a seller could do to quickly increase the time in which it takes to sell a home. This week, I thought I’d share some helpful tips for those preparing to buy a home. Specifically, what are some quick tips to help a buyer move forward with the purchasing side of a real estate transaction? The quickest thing I can advise that you do is locate, or always have these basic documents available, in a folder on your computer, or paper copies if you hold

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B2B Podcasting

Simon Medcalfe: How is inflation impacting the hiring process as a whole in the local area?

It’s on the minds of many! We’re looking back at May’s Employment Recruitment & Retention Panel discussion from ABD’s Conference and Expo, as Augusta University professor and author of ABD’s Simon Says column, Simon Medcalfe, discusses the potential of using technology to help with recruitment and possible cautions to have as well.

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Consumer Stories

Physical Therapist specializes in golf fitness

If you are a golfer, you may have more in common with some of the top PGA players than you know. Since the beginning of the year, Will Zalatoris, Jason Day and Hideki Matsuyama have all experienced injuries that either sidelined them or caused them to miss the cut at tournaments. As a licensed physical therapist and owner of PerformanceAbove, Hetal Acharekar has seen and treated plenty of injuries over the years. Many of her patients are athletes, golfers to be exact. They come in suffering with lower back, shoulder,

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B2B Stories

Aviation Commission approves 2024 budget, updates on construction

Finances and construction project updates dominated the Aviation Commission meeting at Augusta Regional Airport on July 27. The approval of the 2024 operating budget was a large subject of discussion. The operating revenues are anticipated at almost $24.8 million, with total operating expenses of $23.5 million. The 2023 budget is just under $20.5 million in operating revenues and $20.8 million in operating expenses. “I asked them (Commission members) to look at it from the lens of programs and activities. So, we’re going to be putting more money into our Masters’

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Best of Faith Friday: New Lessons from an Old City

Everyone in business has challenges. Some we can see coming from a distance, others appear quite unexpectantly. Our Faith Friday guest is the owner of an art studio in a unique location: The Old City of Jerusalem. Udi (Ooo-dee) Merioz (Merry Oz-is) has led a dynamic life (bio below), and through his experiences has developed many insights about his business and personal priorities, lessons we also can learn from and apply to our lives and businesses. First, some background. After Israel’s Six-Day War in 1967, Udi’s family was the first

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