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About ABD

About ABD

INTRODUCTION: Augusta Business Daily (“ABD”) is “all about business”. For those of you who recall Neil Gordon’s “Buzz on Biz”, a monthly business newspaper founded in 2005, ABD is quite similar. While Buzz was primarily distributed at supermarkets, newsstand racks or delivered, ABD is distributed all online.

ABD is a high-tech version of Buzz! Rather than printing monthly newspapers, ABD emails weekday newsletters that highlight the day’s business news and directs readers to our website, where the full articles (and video podcasts) are available to read and watch.
ABD WEEKDAY eNEWSLETTER: As of the Q1 2022 ABD delivers to nearly 12,000 business and community leaders in the CSRA, who range from people who read our emails but have very limited access to our website, to those who are interested in reading news articles written for consumers (retail customers), to business owners and high-level business employees, who also enjoy reading our business news articles.
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NOT JUST ABOUT NEWS! Like Buzz, ABD is not just about business news. Its other main purpose is to help local businesses get more exposure to grow their sales. ABD offers many advertising and marketing services as well as other activities and opportunities for business owners, managers and other key personnel to speak, write, meet people and be seen!

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