Fri, March 01, 2024

Shawna Woodward

Shawna Woodward has been selling, buying, and managing residential real estate in the CSRA market since 2005 and loves all aspects of this business! Her son Braydon and her, have created MHPAUGUSTA, which stands for Miracle Home Partners. They make an average donation of $150 on behalf of each client they complete a transaction with. All donations stay here in Augusta at our local hospital. Shawna has achieved the Re/Max Hall of Fame status, and consistently reaches the 100% club level or higher every year.

Real Talk Real Estate: Discovering the best home-buying app for you!

When you consider making a change, you’ll go straight to the internet to begin researching options. Real estate search apps have taken first place in every aspect of the home buying, renting, and selling process. In an effort to help you make an informed decision, I’ve decided to share my

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Real Talk Real Estate: Tax-deductible home buying expenses you should know

It’s tax time and homeownership comes with numerous perks, one of them is the potential to benefit from tax deductions. While not every expense related to buying a home is tax-deductible, there are several key items that can contribute to significant savings this tax season. Let’s explore the home-buying expenses

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