Augusta Business Daily

Thu, September 28, 2023

Darin Myers

Darin Myers is the local facilitator of the The Alternative Board (TAB), a peer to peer advisory board designed to help company leaders maximize their opportunities and work through challenges.

Darin recently retired after a 30 year career in the nuclear industry as the leader of Plant Vogtle I and II.

He has proven success regarding strategic planning and alignment, employee development, organizational performance improvement, accountability, and coaching.

Recently, he has started a family business in Augusta focused on home health care providing him the knowledge and experience surrounding small to medium size business operators.

Coach Darin: 5 ways to better lead your business

One of the most important and effective drivers of business leadership success is intentionality. For a business owner, intentionality refers to having a clear purpose, a well-defined plan, and a comprehensive infrastructure in place for not just running the organization, but also creating a prosperous business and a thriving company

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Coach Darin: How to be a better, stronger leader

Leaders with a forceful vision and presence are in great demand these days. With the global marketplace in a state of continuing flux, businesses need talented individuals who understand the power (and occasional pitfalls) of leadership. Are you satisfied with the quality of your own leadership? Or is there room

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Coach Darin: Not your father’s business leadership

Today’s business leaders bear little resemblance to the top brass of yesteryear. Business leadership has evolved significantly over the last 50 years, driven in large part by changes in technology and societal values. Business owners, who in the 1970’s were mostly middle-aged men, tended to run their companies with a

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4 Leadership Styles in the CSRA

Depending on who you ask, there may be as many leadership styles as there are leaders in business, government, the entertainment industry, and so on. However, certain leadership traits are encountered most frequently in the workplace, and most CEOs, owners, and business leaders fall within this grouping. The four most

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Coach Darin: 5 tips for optimizing your search for talent

In the feverish hunt for qualified job applicants, businesses sometimes rush through the hiring process and miss out on some promising candidates. By optimizing your recruitment practices, you can significantly enhance the efforts of your team to do everything possible to attract and retain the workers you want. Why is

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Coach Darin: Humanizing your online presence

It is a bit of a paradox. Businesses – that are run by humans, employee humans, and sell to humans – often struggle to present their brands in a humanized way online. Perhaps, it is these businesses’ attempts to be universally accepted. Or their misguided desire to sound like they

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