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Fri, September 22, 2023

Cyber Security

In 2004, Patrick started his LLC and opened the doors to Cross Link Consulting. His first concentration was primarily on car dealerships and securing their computer systems, but his vision was to create something more than just a “fix a problem” paradigm. In 2010, he saw a niche in the market not just to fix what was wrong but to ensure that his customers would not have to “fix” things at all. He created a company that performed in-house IT services on an outsourcing basis. Patrick wanted his clients to be able to pick up the phone in a moment’s notice and get the help they needed. His felt as if there is no job too small or insignificant. His company was there to provide the best in troubleshooting, maintenance, and installation, and also to guarantee that his clients had the most advanced computer systems and cyber-security protection at all times. For Patrick IT isn’t just a job, it is a responsibility to keep customers safe.

Preventing cyber-attack chaos

Don’t be mistaken, just because your business isn’t experiencing daily attacks on its physical security, you are still under cyber-attack. Hackers wish to do your business harm and you need to have a security posture that will protect your organization against anything that could bring it down. They are not

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Blocking all the spam

Cyberthreats are all around us and the primary threat vector for your business is email. This method of attack is the easiest way for hackers to attack your system. Employees will run across emails enticing them to click on links that would lead them to corrupt sites that would infect

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Are your passwords weak or strong?

Hackers are everywhere and they are looking for weak passwords to get in and cause destruction on your networks and devices daily. The best way to combat that is through strong passwords. They need to be complex and lengthy. Be sure to include numbers, letters, and symbols with a good

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Hope for the best, plan for the worst

What would happen if your organization was hit with a catastrophic loss? Even though it may not be the most enjoyable process to think about, it’s good to go over the “what ifs” to protect your business should a catastrophic loss of data or physical location occur, whether it be

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Secure storage for business on the go

Do you have a need for portable storage? You may not think about security when it comes to jump drives, but security is still important when you need to bring your data with you. Especially, if you have patient data or financial data that you need to keep secure as

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Breached? Burn it to the ground

In today’s business world, everyone knows that all computers on your network need to be covered by antivirus software. Microsoft is aware that this is an important layer of protection because they offer a free version installed with each Windows operating system. However, you may not be fully protected with

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