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Introduction: The ABD Thought Leader program allows anyone who comes to the ABD website, whether or not they are Members, to read well written articles and watch professional video podcasts (“vodcasts”) to educate consumers.

What are ABD Thought Leaders?

ABD Thought Leaders are typically local business owners who are well-respected in their field, and who agree to write articles and/or make vodcasts which help people become more educated consumers about the products and/or services the Thought Leaders provide. It’s a win-win for the consumers and the Thought Leaders: consumers learn and the Thoughts Leaders become better known in our community!

Please tell me more about it!

Thought Leaders Homepage: The Thought Leaders receive a homepage on the ABD website. At the top of the homepage is a banner ad for the Thought Leader’s business. Underneath the banner is a photo of the Thought Leader and information about their business and a bio. To the right is a square ad advertising their business.

As you go down the homepage, there are links to articles and/or vodcasts that have been produced.

Show me what it looks like!

Here are three examples of Thought Leaders’ Homepages. You may click on the links below to go to their homepage and, once on the homepage, click on links to read the articles and/or watch the vodcasts.

Real Estate Agent Shawna Woodward: Shawna and her son Braydon have been writing one article per week. There is a lot of helpful information there! Go to
TAB (The Alternative Board) Facilitator and Business Coach Darin Myers: Darin not only provides interesting business articles but has done quite a few vodcasts, too! Go to
Business Attorney Brian King: has been practicing business law for over 20 years.

Would you like to apply to become an ABD Thought Leader?

ABD is interested in considering ABD Members with Bronze, Silver or Gold Memberships in additional business types as additional Thought Leaders. Do you consider yourself and your business well-respected in your field? Would you be interested in creating/providing at least one article and/or vodcast per month? Would you like to receive more publicity? If you can answer YES to all three of these questions, please fill out the Contact form below and ABD will contact you and we’ll talk!