Tue, February 20, 2024

Women in Business

Women to Know: Auben Realty

  Company/Title: Auben Realty Augusta Headquarters: 909 Walker Street 706.305.1551 www.aubenrealty.com Auben Realty stands out as the Southeast’s first vertically-integrated SFR investment brokerage with a robust presence and offices in key locations such as Augusta, Columbia, Chattanooga & recent expansion into Charlotte and Greenville. And more markets to come in

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Women to Know: Stacy Moore

Company/Title: Scale South, Division of Southern Industrial Scales, LLC/Business Manager and Internal Auditor Start Date: October 2013 Phone: 800-858-1151 Email: stacy@scalesouth.com You might not know this, but a single loaf of bread is taxed seven times and goes over 13 scales before you pick it up at your local grocery

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Women to Know: Tara DeLoach is dedicated to helping deal with life challenges

Name: Tara DeLoach Company/Title: Tara DeLoach, LLC, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist/Owner Address: 930 Stevens Creek Road, Augusta, GA Phone: 706-343-3661 Email: tara@mftAugusta.com Website: https://www.mftaugusta.com/ No matter how successful you are, life and business present everyday challenges. Some are more monumental than others. One thing is certain, the two are

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Women to Know: Tiffany Faulk

Name: Tiffany Faulk Company/Title: Business Consultant, Best Office Solutions Start Date: March 2017 Phone: 706-437-9771 Web: www.bestofficesolutions.com For nearly 20 years, Tiffany Faulk was the face of Jefferson County High School as the front office administrative assistant. “I was the one who everything fell on,” Faulk told Augusta Business Daily. 

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Jenifer Davis calls the shots at Premier Networx

Name: Jenifer Davis Company/Title: Chief Operating Officer, Premier Networx Years Served: 6 years Company Address: 116 Cooper Drive, Augusta (off Riverwatch Pkwy) Website: augustaitguys.com The IT professional who comes to your desk, cubicle, or corner office when there is a technical issue is typically a guy who can run circles around

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Dynamic duo finds the best solutions for local offices

Name: Robin Baxley and Sandi Shields Company/Title: Co-owners, Best Office Solutions Years Served: 22 Phone: 706-437-9771 Web: www.bestofficesolutions.com Photography by Melissa Gordon ABD Boardroom furnishings by Best Office Solutions It takes two to make a thing go right. That’s how you could describe the tag-team approach, Robin Baxley and Sandi

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