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Women to Know: Auben Realty


Company/Title: Auben Realty
Augusta Headquarters: 909 Walker Street

Auben Realty stands out as the Southeast’s first vertically-integrated SFR investment brokerage with a robust presence and offices in key locations such as Augusta, Columbia, Chattanooga & recent expansion into Charlotte and Greenville. And more markets to come in 2024! Their dynamic team at Auben, comprised of accomplished women is crucial to the company’s upward success. Meet three of their team members who lead efforts in ensuring our clients thrive in their investment endeavors, property management needs, and commercial sales transactions.

Natalie Walls – Broker in Charge, Co-Founder

Natalie Walls, Auben Realty’s co-founder and Broker-in-Charge, has been a silent driving force in the company’s success for nearly 15 years. Taking on the role of Auben Realty’s Broker-in-Charge in 2012, Natalie oversees the business and administrative facets, providing crucial support to our team of dedicated professional agents spread across our Southeastern footprint.

Reflecting on the journey of growth since partnering with Tyson Schuetze to establish Auben, Natalie acknowledges the successful expansion of the company. “When Tyson and I started to grow the business with two agents, we never dreamed of growing our company the way we have.” She attributes this success to the responsibility that comes with the independence and freedom given to the hard-working, integrated team!

Courtney Wilson – Vice President & Associate Broker, Auben Development

With 12 years of real estate experience, Courtney Wilson joined the Auben team in 2020. In recent years, she served as Auben Realty’s Director of Property Management, leading a dedicated team of 12 professionals across the company’s footprint. The property management team proudly manages a diverse portfolio of scatter-site single-family & multi-family communities across the southeast.

Auben’s property management team brings a unique service offering to investors with vertically integrated brokerage services. This approach empowers investors to concentrate on a genuinely passive investment experience. Courtney is now proud to serve as the Vice President for Auben Development, bringing her extensive background in property management, strategic planning, and market analysis to drive positive transformations for clients, teams, and organizations. Furthermore, Courtney serves as a principal member of the Auben Capital Partners team.

Janie Peel – Associate Broker, Commercial Sales & Investment Specialist

With an impressive 50-year tenure in the industry, Janie Peel has earned the title of the “Queen of Downtown” in Augusta. Three years ago, she strategically merged her company, Prime Commercial Properties with Auben Realty. In doing so, she has brought her wealth of experience to the team. Over the last few years, she has not only expanded her account list, but also played a key role in helping to nurture a team of six, helping them broaden their knowledge and territories in the realm of commercial investments.

Janie’s passion for working with people and thriving through investments remains unwavering. Her expertise particularly shines in multi-family units, where investors acquire properties, undergo restoration, and lease out units for optimal returns. Reflecting on the evolution of the industry, Janie notes the transition from traditional methods like letter writing and in-person interactions to the dynamic pace of today’s real estate landscape, fueled by cellphones, email, and virtual tours. She emphasizes the transformative power of these tools, allowing the team to accomplish more and, ultimately, assist clients in achieving their goals efficiently.

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