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Thu, November 30, 2023

Women to Know: Tiffany Faulk

Name: Tiffany Faulk
Company/Title: Business Consultant, Best Office Solutions
Start Date: March 2017
Phone: 706-437-9771

For nearly 20 years, Tiffany Faulk was the face of Jefferson County High School as the front office administrative assistant.

“I was the one who everything fell on,” Faulk told Augusta Business Daily.  “I was the ‘go to’ with the parents, the children, the staff. And I did love my job.”


But in her heart, she knew she wanted more.

“Sandi (Shields from Best Office Solutions) would come weekly to visit because we were a customer.  One day I said, ‘Sandi, if you hear anything, or if you know anything, or if you have any openings, please let me know. I am ready for a change.’”

Sure enough, one rainy Monday afternoon, the call came, and Faulk hasn’t looked back.

“It has been the best decision of my life.”

As a business consultant for Best Office Solutions, Faulk is able to flex her creative muscles in a way she never thought possible.

“Being able to use that creative ability that I knew that I had with design has been a dream,” she said.  “I’ve always been one to rearrange furniture; I find fabrics fascinating, and I love different color palettes, textures, and patterns.”

Faulk describes the fabric of her home life as hectic with three biological children and three bonus children.

“Most of my life has been spent at a football field, a baseball field or cheerleading, or dance competitions, you name it,” she said.  “It’s busy around here with just children alone. My job is my getaway and my peace.”

Faulk loves her customers and her colleagues, and how Best Office Solutions does business.

“When I say the business that I work for is built off customer service, honesty, and integrity, it is 1,000%. And so that makes my job all the better. I want to be that person that can go to bed at night and sleep peacefully. We stay true to our word and follow through.”

Faulk has a special place in her heart for her bosses, the company’s co-founders, Sandi Shields and Robin Baxley.

“Robin and Sandi truly are the best, they really are. They are my bosses, but they’re also friends. Sandi is almost my ‘God Whisperer.’ Even when I have you know, day-to-day things through life or just advice, just general life advice, Robin and Sandi are my go-to’s. Being able to have that connection and work with other women and have that connection is very powerful.”

She’s constantly inspired working for a woman-launched and woman-owned business.

“It’s very important. As a woman, for the first time in my life I can tell you, I feel empowered working with other women,” she said.  “I feel very empowered, I feel more just progressed as a human being as an individual and seeing their strengths and listening to the way that they run the business and their thoughts and their guidance. It’s just been amazing.”

Shields feels the same about Tiffany:

“Tiffany brings to our team, an incredible eye for design, a fearless approach with the customer, and an enthusiasm and spunk that is just so refreshing! Her energy and dedication are epic and her willingness to tackle any project is exactly what we needed! She is a key leader on our BLT (Best Leadership Team) and it’s been an absolute pleasure to watch her grow personally, spiritually, and professionally. We had worked together for many years in a customer/friend relationship, but to REALLY work together now, is just a treat! Tiffany is loved by everyone at BOS and we are just so thankful that she joined us more than 6 years ago! They say that dynamite comes in small packages, and “they” would be right! She’s dy-no-mite!!!”

It’s been seven years since Faulk took the leap of faith and she’s so glad she did.

“I used to feel like I was a weak person, not one of those people who wanted to take chances or didn’t feel like I could really expand on just where I was at that point in life. I just feel like a different person now.”

Faulk has advice for others in her shoes.

“Take the chance and do it. Never doubt yourself. Never stay stagnant. Keep moving forward. And if an opportunity comes and you feel it, if you passionately feel it, take it, and run. Never be scared, and never doubt what you can do. Go for it.”

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