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Women to Know: Terra Carroll

Name: Terra Carroll
Title: President/CEO, North Augusta Chamber of Commerce
Start Date: August 2012
Phone: 803-279-2323

As the President and CEO of the North Augusta Chamber of Commerce, Terra Carroll is the face of the organization. When you call the Chamber office, most likely she answers the phone. When a business opens with a ribbon cutting, Terra is there. For the Small Business Roundtables to help local entrepreneurs build their businesses and for all of the other Chamber events, she is there. Like the Academy Award-winning movie, Terra Carroll is Everything Everywhere All at Once.

She comes by her work ethic honestly. Growing up in Jacksonville, Florida, she took dance lessons including ballet, tap, and jazz. Those classes develop strong techniques, coordination, partner work, and more. Her dad also entered her in karate classes which teach confidence, mental stamina, social skills, and stress relief. She later taught martial arts.


After moving to Augusta, Terra worked for hotels in auditing and management. In 2000, a career change would eventually lead to her current position. She served with the Columbia County and Augusta Chambers of Commerce including program and small business development prior to taking courses for chamber management.

“In August of 2012, I became the President of the North Augusta Chamber. It was a natural progression of civic leadership. My family had always been a part of the communities in which we lived. Everything I’ve done in my life has given me a heart for service,” Terra explained.

According to the Pew Research Center, the number of women heading Fortune 500 companies is at an all-time high. Similarly, the share of women in chamber leadership positions is at 63%.

“Women are finding their place in business. We want to be in leadership roles, and we are good at building relationships. Being successful is about working together.”

From her past experiences, Terra learned to meet needs and figure out what it takes to accomplish goals through connecting with volunteers and connecting them with businesses. “It’s been my passion.”

Business is booming in North Augusta but she is dedicated to making sure it’s smart growth for the community.

“North Augusta has always been a bedroom community, so we want to take our time and make sure the growth is smart. Some would like to see quick growth, but we want to take our time and ensure everything is growing at the right pace for families who work and live here and for the environment.”

Restaurants, retail, and most recently, a neighborhood have been developed and opened in North Augusta. Looking ahead, the Chamber wants to keep living its motto, “Where Business and Community Meet” by promoting the needs of local business and industry while continuing to strengthen the community.

Terra Carroll’s favorite quote is: “Be the reason someone smiles today.” Her leadership at the North Augusta Chamber is putting smiles on many faces.

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  1. Great article! Terra is an absolute jewel. North Augusta is very lucky to have her. She is a leaders leader, and passionate about people. Thank you for your commitment to not only North Augusta, but our region.

  2. Great article about a phenomenal leader, and even more importantly, an inspirational individual. Terra’s dedication to her community and business membership is absolutely a statement of her commitment to excellence……thank you for sharing her story with us.

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