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Women In Business: Shnita Wiley

Name: Shnita Wiley
Title: Owner, Blessed Hands Wellness Spa
Start Date: August 2021
Phone: 706-399-9624
Website:  Blessed Hands Wellness Spa

The blessed hands of Shnita Wiley have been focused on caring for those around her since she was a child. Wiley was born in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and raised in the small town of Aliceville. Healthcare has always been her passion.

All successful businesspeople draw their strength and success from a few role models along the way. For Wiley, it was her mother, Priscilla Fountain.

“She has been very supportive of my dream and has encouraged me when I wanted to give up.”

With her mother’s support and encouragement, Wiley was able to follow her dreams of making it into healthcare.

For 21 years, Wiley has honed her passion for healthcare with both education and hands-on experiences. She has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and a Master of Science in Nursing with a Concentration in Family Nurse Practitioner. She has built upon her experiences in the classroom and in the field to provide exceptional customer service and bedside manners to clients and patients alike. She treats each as if they were a family member.

Wiley has an impressive list of certifications in:




Bloodborne Pathogens Training Certification



Botox Certification

Fillers Certification

Body Contouring and Sculpting Certification

Post-Op Lymphatic Massage Therapy

IV Certification

Yoni Steam Practitioner

Chemical Peel Certification

Eyebrows Microblading & Microshading for Permanent Makeup Tattoo

Facial Specialist – Facial Treatment & Massage Certification

Since 2021, Wiley transitioned her career and created Blessed Hands Wellness Spa. Her clinic allows her to combine her skills to help pamper clients after a long week or to help make a long-term change in appearance. Whether you need Botox, body contouring, a massage, tattoo removal, or a facial, Wiley has the service to meet the need. She even has items available for purchase on her website to help meet healthcare needs even if you are not in her clinic.

“As I began building this business, I wanted to create a calming and pleasant atmosphere where not only women, but anyone can come receive services and relax while focusing on their health and self-care needs,” said Wiley.

Being a woman in business has made Wiley more relatable to her clients.

“Being a woman in business is important to me,” Wiley expresses. “It reminds me that you can do anything that you put your mind to. Being able to relate to other women and educate them on the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and self-care.”

Take Wiley’s advice and relax. Call their office, visit their website, or clinic today for a better you.

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