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Augusta-based staffing and technology company acquires software company division
An Augusta-based workforce solutions company has expanded by acquiring a division of a major Southeastern software company. MAU Inc. now owns Doozer Software’s project services and staffing division. That division will become a part of 3ci, MAU’s technology solutions division. Doozer is based in Birmingham, Ala. “The acquisition of Doozer opens new avenues of growth for both…
Simon Says: Pro golfers tee off against monopsonistic employer
Dr. Simon Medcalfe, AU Economics Professor Last week, Gary Kauffman of Augusta Business Daily reported that “the PGA Tour was the only meaningful option for golfers playing at the highest levels, yet the tour doesn’t compensate the golfers for their revenues at the level of athletes in other sports.” (See Pro golfers file antitrust lawsuit). Eleven…
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