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Free Access: Expo Preview: Golf club engineer’s techniques build better golfers from tee to green

Dan Burnfield builds highly-customized golf clubs in his shop on Gordon Highway, but his goal extends beyond merely selling equipment – he wants to make people better golfers physically and mentally. “Maybe the answer to getting an extra stroke or two out of you isn’t new equipment,” he said. Make no mistake about it, Augusta Custom Clubs…

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Free Access: Expo Preview: Ex-Major Leaguer makes pitch to help CSRA businesses save on health benefits costs

Drive, hard work, and asking questions propelled Tom Mastny to a three-year Major League baseball career. Now, he’s using those same attributes to help CSRA businesses contain health care costs. Mastny is CEO of The Pennant Group, a health benefits company that helps employers dig deeper to discover the reasons for high health costs and then…

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Free Access: Expo Preview: Dynamic duo finds the best solutions for local offices

It takes two to make a thing go right. That’s how you could describe the tag-team approach Robin Baxley and Sandi Shields have to run Best Office Solutions. The pair manages everything a commercial business needs: furniture, supplies, promotional products, and more. For more than 20 years, they have worked together to help set their company…

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