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Member Only Content Sample

Member Only Content Sample

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Legacy car dealer to close in the CSRA?

Multiple sources tell ABD over the weekend that a longtime car dealer is set to close this summer—without a deal in place to sell it to another ownership group. We’re working on an interview and confirmation from a key person and hope to have more later today or tomorrow. It’s been challenging for many CSRA car dealers due to the supply chain holdup of inventory.

We got the scoop on Bruster’s closing!

What can I say—the family and I and hundreds of others took advantage of a FREE
single ice cream cone and waited in line or in the drive-through for about a half-hour.
My wife was amazed at what all of us will do for about $3!

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“Is it just me, or…”

Getting Real About Billboards

When was the last time you jotted down a phone number from a billboard at 40 miles an hour? When was the last time you thoroughly read a billboard? So then why do you do what you do with your billboard?

What follows is what you should be doing. Brace yourself for reading all of this, finding my reasoning reasonable, and then deciding your situation is different. After all, you’ll convince yourself, it’s critical that you tell the people this. And this. And this. And by the time you’re through, none of it will be absorbed by anyone.

Why? Think about it. Even at 20 miles an hour if you confront a driver with an impossible reading task he/she won’t even try. Won’t even begin to process any of it.That thought never occurs to 95% of billboard clients, so this happens:

We’ve talked before about the fallacy of, “If I put it out there it will be read and potential customers will be persuaded.” Balderdash. For starters, a certain percentage of us think billboards are an abomination and refuse to give them any attention. So how do you grab the rest?

Funny is by far the best way, but rare is the designer or writer who can produce a truly humorous board. So, in lieu of genius, let’s get ‘em with fundamentals.

Understand first that this will not be a print ad writ large. Forget telling your story here. In a perfect world, your graphic designer will point these kinds of things out to you, but most are just seeking your thumbs up. In truth, the whole billboard industry operates this way. That’s why I’m whispering in your ear now.

No, billboards are their own separate animal. You have, if a driver glances your board’s way and if his/her attention is gained, maybe 2-3 seconds to make an impression that might stick. Here is an example:

Simon Says: CSRA Labor shortage may not be employee or government fault

On June 8th the Bureau of Labor Statistics released its Job Openings and Labor Turnover data (snappily titled JOLT) stating that job openings reached a series high. Using this data, I have updated the Augusta Leading Economic Index (LEI) for April and it shows a 6.0% increase from a year earlier to stand at its highest level since December 2019. Besides job openings, improvements were seen in residential building permits, initial claims for unemployment insurance, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

The Augusta LEI has generally been showing monthly improvements since June last year and this is reflected in the Augusta Labor Market Index which has been showing improvement since July 2020. Of particular interest is the trend in the labor force (those in work or looking for work) which has almost reached pre-pandemic levels (see graph). At least locally, it looks like firms are struggling to hire workers not because workers do not want to work, but because there aren’t enough workers.

Construction jobs continue to be strong, seeing an increase of 500 in April. April is also traditionally a big month for leisure and hospitality workers with the Masters golf tournament. This year saw an increase of 2,000 workers in this industry but this was a little over half of what we have been used to seeing reflecting the reduced patrons at the event.

Big changes at Cold Creek Nurseries after 44 years

If you are among the many people who feared the sale of their favorite nursery of 44 years, Cold Creek Nurseries on the Aiken Bypass, might mean changes you don’t like. Fear not – your plants, landscaping, and design services are in good hands – four hands actually.

Cold Creek was bought in September by Bill and Jennifer Tiszai from the original owners Doug Walker and Donnie Hooks and the family moved into a home near Hitchcock Woods in October. Their first two children are grown and their youngest is
home-schooling her junior year of high school here.

Neither Bill nor Jennifer has had a career in botany or landscaping, but they have retained the entire management staff, with their walking talking encyclopedic knowledge of growing plants in Carolina. Some have local weather and climate pattern expertise; some can speak on the indigenous plants of the Savannah River Valley and others know the local produce and foods which are now available at Cold Creek. Almost another world, others specialize in the demanding disciplines of landscape maintenance and design.

Bill brings a successful career in business management and Jennifer has found her
niche in designing indoor features out of doors.

God grants a berry berry good man a chance to run a sweet business

Chris Grant, a college-educated electrical engineer, can’t help but laugh each time he thinks about how life has led him to bring joy to taste buds everywhere. If you have a relentless sweet tooth, keep reading. If not, keep reading.

“Whenever people see my treats, they think my wife did it!” he recalls. “Being a Black male, doing sweet treats never crossed my mind as something I couldn’t be in.” Those treats, courtesy of Grant Berries, LLC, are savory, mouth-watering creations that rival any major brand name. The 41-year-old entrepreneur says after seven years of taking on a new hobby, his passion, dedication, desire to serve others, and willingness to work hard are paying off. “I put my mind into learning how to do something. Now, I’m making money, despite what society says an industry should look like.”

Grant took the DIY (Do It Yourself) concept to a new level. After sampling some delectable, chocolate-covered strawberries at a wedding in 2013, he turned to YouTube to learn how to recreate the dessert. He unveiled his version at a gender reveal party for his then-unborn daughter. Requests came pouring in from family and friends. He hasn’t looked back. Everything from chocolate-covered strawberries to cake jars and cake pops to other signature edibles, like sugar cookies, are offered. Grant’s faith has guided him every step of the way.