Sun, May 26, 2024

Augusta could see a visit from First Lady Jill Biden today

According to a Nov. 3 press release from the office of the mayor, First Lady Jill Biden is expected to visit Augusta today as part of the Investing in America Workforce Hub tour.

She is scheduled to fly into Augusta Regional Airport with the interim Labor Secretary at 10 A.M.

Though it is not yet confirmed which location she will visit, if any, the current presidential administration has recognized initiatives led by the City of Augusta, Mayor Garnet Johnson, Augusta Technical College, Aiken Technical College, the Richmond County School System, and other community partners to make Augusta a Workforce Hub.

Back in May, the White House said:

“The Augusta area is on the forefront of the Administration’s sustainable domestic production agenda, with $1.4 billion in recently announced private-sector investments, including in batteries. The Administration’s efforts will focus on preparing and creating pathways for people in Augusta and the surrounding areas to access the good-paying jobs created in the clean energy industry, among others.”

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