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Flowing Wells Theater Company

Flowing Wells Theatre is a 150 seat indoor performance venue as well as outdoor space for performances, concerts and puppet theatre. It is a place where the things of God are respected and proclaimed. A place where biblical matters and morals are valued and shared.

We want each family, parent, grandparent and child to feel a sense of belonging here and to know that whether it is a class, a performance, a movie, or a concert there is no need to worry about the content. We strive to be a place that upholds the things of God and His Holy word.

Flowing Wells Theatre welcomes other companies and organizations who share these same values. Already several have joined with ENOPION Theatre Company to make Flowing Wells Theatre the place for families who desire to maintain Biblical integrity in their choices for entertainment. This collective includes: ENOPION Theatre Company, Five and 2 Pictures, 4:13 Dance Studio, Renovate Ballet Company and MerryBand Theatricals.

Come and See a Show to experience what Flowing Wells Theatre is all about.
and what an appropriate name that is,
it is called Flowing Wells Theatre
– a place where the living water of the Gospel washes and refreshes.
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286 Flowing Wells Road
Martinez Georgia
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