Sun, May 19, 2024

Business Lunch Review: Jason’s Deli

Food Quality: 4
Service: 3
Business Meeting: 5
Value: 4

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5

It’s true that man cannot survive on bread alone, but putting meat and cheese between two slices of bread can create a very tasty, satisfying meal. For this week’s restaurant review, I had narrowed the list down to two options, but as I was driving down Washington Road, I spotted the sign for Jason’s Deli and made a U-turn.

I previously worked in higher education and had eaten sandwiches from the restaurant at various events and picked up lunch there, but it was my first time sitting down for a meal at Jason’s Deli. My wife, Rebecca, couldn’t join me this time, so I went by myself.

I’m a picky eater, so I order my sandwiches without mayonnaise, tomatoes, and other popular toppings. I always hate being in front of a line of hungry people listing the ingredients I don’t want on my sandwich. But when I walked into the restaurant, I was surprised to see there was no line and only a handful of diners seated inside.

Like many eateries, Jason’s Deli offers a build-your-own-sandwich option, which is perfect for me. I ordered a turkey and cheddar sandwich with mustard on an ancient grain bun and jalapeno chips. As I was ordering, I wondered why they call it “ancient grain” and how a chain of sandwich shops got its hands on bread baked with such an old crop.

At many delis, potato chips are served in bags, but the restaurant serves them on a plate with your sandwich. Jason’s Deli also offers a variety of soups, salads, and other menu options.

Though there were few diners in the restaurant, the service was a little slow, but the employee who brought my sandwich to the table apologized for the wait.

My meal was great and because no one else was sitting near me, I was able to eat and pursue one of my favorite pastimes — scrolling through my phone — in peace. It would be an ideal location for a business meeting. While I’m sure it’s much more crowded at times, the tables are spread out, making it easier to find a quiet place to meet.

My meal cost nearly $11, which I thought was reasonable, especially in 2024, when a Big Mac Meal isn’t much cheaper. Just up the road from Jason’s Deli is Chicken Salad Chick, where I always order the turkey club sandwich, which doesn’t cost much less at $10.39.

But Chicken Salad Chick’s sandwiches come with a cookie, so that must be taken into consideration. It’s always nice to have your meal and dessert on the same plate.

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