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Free Access: Five common reputation management mistakes you can avoid

I found this while browsing the web last night. It’s a great start for our topic today. A manager in the board meeting after poor customer reviews and brand reputation results: “If it gets worse, it may force us to make reliable products and provide better customer service.” (Source: That’s how some people feel…

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Real Talk Real Estate: Market update follow-up: Has the overall value of homes dropped?

This week I’m following up on my report that posted near the end of July that looked at our market to decipher whether the interest rate increases would affect our sales volume and home values. Just this week, I have had the privilege of showing and making offers on homes that all had multiple offers on…

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Coach Darin: Key elements in a strong brand for your business

Darin Myers is the local facilitator of the The Alternative Board (TAB), a peer-to-peer advisory board designed to help company leaders maximize their opportunities and work through challenges. Darin recently retired after a 30-year career in the nuclear industry as the leader of Plant Vogtle I and II. He has proven success regarding strategic planning…

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Free Access: Real Talk Real Estate: Getting ready to sell as money gets tighter

We all knew the buyers’ boom would be affected by government overreach in attempting to stop inflation. Raising the interest rates has affected us here in the CSRA, although luckily not drastically. I want to speak directly to sellers with this week’s real estate news. Buyers are still out there, but there are fewer of…

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