Wed, May 29, 2024

Free Access: Cyber Tips: Safe passwords can prevent being hacked

YOUR ACCOUNT HAS BEEN HACKED! A phrase no one wants to get told. Especially if you use the same password for each account that you have. In today’s Tech Alert, I want to provide you with 3 rules of thumb when it comes to creating safe and effective passwords for your accounts.

The first rule I would say you need to consider when creating your passwords is to use a common prefix or suffix for all your passwords and combine that with a unique phrase or factor that is connected to that specific site, so that if the site ever gets hacked, then all of your accounts do not get hacked.

The second rule I would like to present to you is to use a password manager. There are a number of them out there and your phone may even have one installed on it. These managers are handy because you can save all your passwords in one place, blocked by a special second password protecting others from getting to your data.

The third rule would be to enact a multi-factor authentication on your account. Not every site offers this as an option. For example, if you turn this feature on in your Facebook account and you try and log in to your desktop, it sends a notification to your phone for you to select yes or no, to verify that you are trying to log in. Microsoft reports a 99.9% reduction in breaches of passwords when you use this multi-factor authentication feature.

Hackers are all around, so be sure to protect yourselves and others by enacting some basic Cybersecurity techniques into your daily routine to allow you to have the best protection possible.

For more advanced Cybersecurity and IT protection, be sure to give us a call at 803-279-1100 or email us at Delightful IT partners. Tenacious cyber protectors.

Click below for a video I created for more details on password safety.

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