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Getting your company story out

It was an engaging day in Evans. Getting your company story out seems to be harder and harder to do with the glut of social media channels and online groups.

The Columbia County Chamber’s third of four Business Institute workshops in Evans at the Performing Arts Center, delved into ways to reach mainstream media with your message.

On the panel were ABD’s publisher, Neil Gordon, WJBF’s Kaleigh Foster, who oversees digital media operations, and WAFJ Radio General Manager and morning on-air host, John Bryant.

Here were the takeaways from each panelist:


“Don’t worry about tooting your own horn. If your company does something good in the community, tell your story. When you send a press release or email, give plenty of notice and make sure you follow up before your event or story is taking place.”

“Our newsletter is the gateway to about six different stories. It will go on our website and through a partnership with Fox Sports on a daily business minute. Your story will go on the ABD LinkedIn page, Facebook page, and get posted on small business groups like Connect Augusta,” said Gordon.

He added that if area business leaders enjoy writing, they can submit “Lessons Learned” guest columns about how their company has solved a problem. One attendee from a local real estate company will be sharing his experience implementing AI techniques in the office.




Ms. Foster says the best opportunity to tell your story is on the various lifestyle programs that air on their television station.

She mentioned the “Jennie” show with news anchor, Jennie Montgomery which is watched mostly by women on a weekly basis, the “Means Report” which skews more business and male viewers, along with “Local Living” and the “Dish” hosted by Ana Christina. There are editorial and advertising opportunities on all those programs.

She said a good way to promote your event is to go to and plug-in information in their calendar.

“Whether your advertising budget is big or small, compare the cost per 1,000 impressions. It’s a little bit of trial and error, but find a good strategy with your marketing plan and stick with it.”

Reach her at


The Christian radio station allows non-profits to record 30-second announcements free of charge and airs them for three weeks. They also have a free community calendar and job board.

“If you send a press release with something local in the subject line, it will get our attention. Our desire is to be involved in the local community,” said Bryant.

He pointed to a press release his team got from the Dollar General Foundation about a grant given to Goodwill of the CSRA to help with literacy.

“It gets passed to our talent to give them something to talk about on our station,” he said.

Bryant suggested carefully proofreading the press release and not waiting until the last day or so before an event to send it.


The Columbia County Chamber of Commerce is hosting its last Business Institute workshop of the summer on August 13th as Board Chairman, Robert Kelly of Augusta Staffing will discuss how to keep your recruiting pipeline fresh.

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