Wed, February 21, 2024

Local entrepreneur to make trash cans sparkle

You probably don’t think much about your outdoor trash cans until the stench of three-day-old meatloaf hits you in the face and pesky flies swarm around your head.

But Drayton Oswald wants you to leave the chore of cleaning your dirty cans to him. Next month, Oswald plans to launch Spic & Span Georgialina Cans, which will specialize in washing, disinfecting, and deodorizing cans. The home-based business will primarily serve Columbia County residents.

Spic & Span’s truck can clean and disinfect two cans at once.

Spic & Span will use a simple process that can clean two trash cans at the same time in about 30 seconds. This process involves blasting them with 200-degree water and disinfectant, adding a deodorizer by hand, and placing them in a location the customer chooses.


After cleaning, cans look and smell much better. The company offers one-time, monthly, and quarterly services.

“A one-time cleaning may take a little longer, but if it’s a monthly cleaning, it takes no time to clean them,” said Oswald, who works at the Savannah River Site.

After the cleaning process, garbage cans look like new.

He got the idea to start his business after watching a video on social media and seeing the before and after pictures.

“I had never heard of it, but I have this entrepreneurial drive, so I went for it,” Oswald said. “I have a pretty good work ethic.”

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