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Local mom launches mobile ice cream business

Rebecca Skinner has been a stay-at-home mom for the last six years and wanted to find a way to recapture her identity, so she decided to open her own mobile ice cream business.

In March, Skinner launched Blue Sky Ice Cream, LLC, but she didn’t start selling ice cream until the second week in April. She uses a concessions trailer, not a truck, to sell frozen treats at birthday parties, school celebrations, and other local events.

“We just did Murphey Middle School’s end-of-the-year party,” Skinner said. “Next month, we’ll be at Summer Jam in Grovetown. I really like seeing all the kids get excited.”

She currently sells 32 varieties of pre-packaged ice cream items, including Push-Up Pops, Bomb Pops, and Screwballs.

(From company’s Facebook page)

“We tried to get a lot of the old-school ice cream items that are nostalgic to us,” Skinner said.

She buys the ice cream from various wholesalers, which were hard to find.

“There’s one in this area that only sells four of the items we sell,” Skinner said.

She also travels to a wholesaler in Lexington and has another deliver items to her. Skinner has two children, ages 2 and 6. In Dec. 2022, her 6-year-old son had open-heart surgery. Owning the business has allowed them to sell ice cream together.

“He likes to go with me,” she said. “He likes to eat the ice cream, too, which is a plus.”

Though Blue Sky is new, the business has taken off.

“I’m surprised at how fast it grew in such a short time,” Skinner said.

For more information, visit the business’s Facebook page or contact her at 706-631-1573.

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