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National grocery store chain remodels 87 stores, including three in CSRA

A national grocery store chain has made significant improvements to many of its locations, including three in the CSRA.

Meg Ham – President of Food Lion, says the remodeling of 87 stores has made shopping easier and more convenient for customers. (Photo taken from the

Food Lion, which currently has 1,103 locations in 10 states, recently invested $127 million in remodeling 87 stores in Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Kentucky, and Tennessee. The local stores are located at 2115 Windsor Spring Road, 3722 Mike Padgett Highway (South Augusta store pictured above), and 365 South Belair Road. “The remodels of the stores make them easier to shop,” says Meg Ham, Food Lion’s President. “We have the whole store flow more intuitively for the customer.”

The renovation project included adding a variety of new food items, installing self-checkout stations, grouping similar items to make them easier to find, and updating the stores’ décor. “Customers are appreciative of the fresh look,” she states. “Some of the cases have been replaced with natural, plant-based foods,” such as organic produce. Store associates have also received customer service and cultural training to improve customers’ shopping experience. Ham explains all Food Lion stores sell local meats, produce, and deli items. “We often say, ‘We’re not just in the neighborhood; we are the neighborhood,’” she says. “Not only have we invested in our stores, we’ve also hired during this time and added to the local economy.”

Food Lion has added a variety of healthier food options, such as organic produce. (Photo courtesy of Food Lion)
Ham states every Food Lion store carries an assortment of local items. (Photo courtesy of Food Lion)


By the end of the year, the company plans to add Food Lion to Go, a grocery pickup service – to 23 of its stores, including the Mike Padgett Highway location. Some locations will also provide delivery service. Customers will be able to place grocery orders on the website or the Food Lion to Go app. Ham states feedback from customers and store employees has been overwhelmingly positive. “Overall, given the increase in what customers are buying, they’re enjoying the assortment of items,” she explains. Store associates are largely excited about the changes. “They’re incredibly proud of the new store offerings,” Ham adds.

Besides remodeling local stores, the company has also donated $30,000 to the Golden Harvest Food Bank. “At Food Lion, we believe no one should have to choose between dinner and rent,” Ham says. She states the company has already donated $800 million to feeding agencies and plans to reach $1.5 billion by 2025. “Every store is partnered with a local feeding agency,” Ham explains.

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