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Thursday, June 8, 2023

Pros and Cons of Selling Home During Holidays!

Braydon Woodward, Re/Max Reinvented

Let’s be honest here. In the time period between Halloween and the New Year, everyone is running an emotional and stress-filled gauntlet. You’ll attend more family gatherings in these four months than you did in all of the months before. This entails cooking, planning, cleaning, and not to mention the mental preparation needed to withstand all of your deranged family members. Just days after Thanksgiving it is time to hang Christmas lights, replace your fall decorations (that you just put out) with Christmas decorations, and if you’re like most people, filling Santa’s bag with gifts. The traffic is heavy on Washington Road and the Interstates, and the lines are long at the Augusta Mall and CSRA strip centers. So, why would anyone ask you to add the extra stress of selling your home?

To be honest, if this is the situation you are in, I would not be able to ask you to sell your home. I believe time with your family is important and deserves your attention. However, not everyone is in this same situation. This article is intended for the new couple that is planning on having kids in the near future, but need to up-size their home to accommodate. Conversely, the couple who has accomplished getting all their kids out of the house, and are starting to realize that 3,500 sq. /ft. of house is a lot harder to manage with less hands around. So, if your responsibilities are less demanding during the holiday season, it may be a good time to sell. Here is why.

Major employers are bringing in new employees year round and they may be possible buyers during the holiday push. Photo courtesy: Augusta University Health

Fort Gordon, SRS, Plant Vogtle, and all of our hospitals are bringing in new people to our area year round. For all of the reasons mentioned above, less houses go on the market during the holiday season. Which is good news for anyone selling their home, because there will be less competition for these buyers to choose from. Since no one really wants to be looking for a home at this time of year, and they are only doing so out of necessity, there will be less fence sitters and more serious offers. Not only will your house sell. You will give these families a new home to celebrate in during the holidays. Also, wouldn’t living in a new house, that suits your lifestyle, be a great way to start your New Year’s resolutions? I certainly think so!

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