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Secure and reliable is the way to go for business Wi-Fi

Today, I want to provide you with some common solutions to common Wi-Fi issues that business folks may face.

One big issue that many may face is with their network setup. If your company has an IT company or if you are the network administrator for your organization, you need to make sure you are NOT using a mesh network. These networks can cause problems. This type of network is one that is not connected directly by a hard line to your router. These networks use an ethernet cord connected to a device that is plugged into a wall and then wirelessly pairs with a receiver to transmit the internet signal back to the router. This option is not a reliable option because your signal has to pass through so many terminals to arrive back at your device.

The better alternative is to hard wire your network using a direct line to your router from your device. Even if that requires a technician coming out and dropping the line to accomplish this. The amount of frustration you will alleviate in doing this will make the money spent worth it because your connection will be so much more reliable when you do it this way.

Another common issue that a business may face is the Domain Name System (DNS). Everyone has experienced that dreaded “can’t find server” or DNS issue when a website fails to load correctly. I suggest you use a program similar to Adguard DNS. This service loads less ads and information in your browser and you will get a more reliable web surfing experience. There are others on the market, but I feel that this one works well.

If you need more help in diagnosing your Wi-Fi network issues, let us know and we would be glad to further assist you in getting your network issues ironed out. You can call us at 803-279-1100 or email for more information.

I also have created this video for you about common Wi-Fi issues.

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