Sun, December 03, 2023

Secure storage for business on the go

Do you have a need for portable storage? You may not think about security when it comes to jump drives, but security is still important when you need to bring your data with you. Especially, if you have patient data or financial data that you need to keep secure as you travel. The good news is, there are options available now that are cost-effective and will protect your data well.

For instance, a 138GB reader with fingerprint partition costs around $30-40. To open the secured section, you will need to use your programmed fingerprint to unlock the data. If you have data that needs to be shared, then you can keep that data on the partition that does not require the fingerprint. Making this option a great one for all your portable data needs.

Our team at Cross Link Consulting would love to talk with you further about how to best secure your data. Each organization has specific needs, and we want to be your helpful hand to navigate IT and Cybersecurity for your business. Call us today for more at 803-279-1100 or email


Check out more details on our YouTube video about this subject.

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