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The new print shop offers innovative graphic solutions for small businesses

Billy and Mindy Van Veghel have built a successful design and print business by creating custom graphic solutions for small businesses. While many of the services they provide are inexpensive, others can be quite costly.

One of these services is their shop, 411 Graphics, LLC located at 3105 Spring Grove Drive, Suite H3, off Deans Bridge in Augusta, which provides vehicle wrapping, a service that can cost thousands. Wrapping refers to completely or partially covering a vehicle in vinyl for advertising purposes.

Wrapping vehicles is one way to make a big statement about your business.

The Van Veghels wrapped vans for the new Crumbl Cookies franchise in Evans. Billy said not all businesses can afford wrapping, but it can be much more eye-catching than simply placing a sticker on a vehicle.


“One is like a billboard, and the other is like a yard sign,” he said.

They also offer a variety of other services, including graphic design, promotional products, business signs, and printing. The couple also creates screen-printed T-shirts, storefront lettering, and die-cut vinyl stickers, which are laser cut in various custom shapes.

The business created these stickers for the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office’s K-9 Unit and SWAT team. Van Veghel said, unlike regular stickers, these are UV resistant and waterproof. Because they tend to last longer, customers don’t have to order as many.

Custom designs create an impact for any size business. (Photo by Josh Heath)

“You can put them on anything, like cups, to promote your business,” he said. “They’re very cost-effective.”

But they’re costly to make because of the printers, ink, and materials required to create these products. The couple doesn’t pass those costs on to their customers.

They leased their building in July 2020 but, thanks to Covid, didn’t officially open for business until January 2021. They moved from Florida to Georgia right before the pandemic began. The Van Veghels originally planned to run the business out of their home, but they discovered they would have to get a special zoning permit.

They owned a similar home-based business in Florida, but they weren’t required to have that type of permit there.

“I never planned on having a retail location,” Van Veghel said. “We weren’t able to find many places.”

The Van Veghel family

While 411 Graphics has some CSRA competitors, he said, unlike Jacksonville, the local market isn’t oversaturated. Van Veghel and his family originally considered moving to Fayetteville or Charleston, but they would’ve faced stiff competition in those cities.

Like many business owners, the couple has struggled to find employees willing and able to learn the skills required for this type of business. They hired a few people, but it didn’t work out because they either didn’t show up for work or were unwilling to perform tasks he assigned them.

“Having an employee is probably the hardest thing we’ve dealt with, but we’ll have to try again soon because we need the help,” Van Veghel said.

Before going into business for himself, he had a very different career. Van Veghel, who earned a graphic design degree from the University of Miami, worked for companies like Audiovox, installing car audio systems. After working in that field for several years, he got tired of it and decided to pursue his true passion: graphic arts.

“I love the design aspect; I really get a kick out of designing a business’s logo,” Van Veghel said.

Some of their customers have complained about other companies failing to call them back or taking too long to complete their orders, but that’s not the case at 411 Graphics.

“I’ll try to treat you as I want to be treated,” Van Veghel said.

The business is open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information, visit or call 706-496-3068.

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