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August continues to be a prime month for job seekers

SC Works, the South Carolina Department of Employment and Workforce’s online resource for job seekers, brought nearly three dozen Aiken County employers to an Aug. 24 job fair at the North Augusta Community Center.

The event was coordinated by the SC Works’ Lower Savannah office, which also brought its mobile unit.

Tameka Johnson, regional manager for the Lower Savannah office said job seekers can look up jobs and access other services, including resume assistance, on the website, but they like meeting with the public.

Johnson is seated on the left.


“A lot of people do not have access to the internet, especially in the rural communities, and just letting them know that we are here to serve them,” she said. “So, some people like that face-to-face, that one-on-one, and even if they have questions.”

Potential employers cut a wide swath across what is available in Aiken County, from smaller companies like Aiken-based Daybreak Adult Care Services, Inc.

“We want to get people back to work and we especially want to make sure that our seniors can remain at home and flourish and be as independent as possible for as long as possible,” explained Case Manager, Beth Mixon, who described the type of person they want to hire.

She added, “Someone that has compassion, someone that is kind and has a heart for our seniors that have dementia, that have other diseases, that there’s nothing that can be done about. People that care, and just want to make sure that they live out their life with dignity and respect.”

There were also government agencies including the North Augusta Department of Public Safety and the City of Aiken’s Department of Public Safety.

Representatives from Aiken County’s largest employer, Savannah River Nuclear Solutions were also available to meet with applicants.

“We need to hire the right fit for the job,” said Kedesha McClary, talent acquisition specialist and recruiter. “Anyone that’s striving for excellence, anyone that’s wanting to work in the nuclear field, in any aspect of the field.”

“It’s very important to bring that amount of diversity,” Johnson explained. “We always have the large industries, but also the small business, the mom-and-pop businesses. So, we want to make sure that we have resources just as good as for the big industry, as well as the small.”

Applicants, like Christian Cummings of Aiken, had the chance to speak directly with potential employers and fill out applications on the spot.

He said having so many employers in one spot was beneficial.

“I think it is helpful. It’s really helpful,” he said. “Everybody doesn’t have a chance or opportunities to get a job, or even go to job fairs like these, so I think it’s pretty dope.”

Outside, the mobile unit was set up to provide access to applying online.

The mobile unit will become a familiar sight in North Augusta in September. It will be set up for job seekers at First Baptist Church on Georgia Ave. on Sept. 7 and 21, from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m.

The SC Works website is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week at:

There are currently more than 81,000 open positions listed on the site.

There is also a virtual job fair, including a live chat opportunity at:!lobby;eventCode=y1jpEhl

That is available Monday through Friday, from 10 a.m. until 1 p.m.

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