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Augusta business and political leaders tried to keep T’s Restaurant open

Augusta Economic Development Authority President Cal Wray says the AEDA worked with Augusta Richmond County Commissioners to try and raise several hundred thousand dollars in grants to help T’s rebuild

The Augusta Commission and the Augusta Economic Development Authority worked together to develop a plan to keep the iconic South Augusta restaurant open. Cal Wray – President of the AEDA, says he and Augusta commissioners met with Fulcher to discuss the possibility of securing a jobs creation grant of several hundred thousand dollars to cover the cost of reopening. “We need establishments on Mike Padgett and Doug Barnard because that’s our key industrial sector,” Wray states. “We were hoping to bring more establishments to that corridor and south Augusta.” Other than fast-food restaurants, south Augusta residents have limited dining options.

District 8 Commissioner Brandon Garrett who represents T’s district was disappointed Fulcher chose to close




      Brandon Garrett, Augusta Commissioner for District 8, which includes much of South Augusta, also expressed his disappointment. “Garrett Fulcher and his family have been a staple for much of Augusta for decades,” says Garrett. “They will be truly missed.

On Wednesday, Oct. 20, local radio host Austin Rhodes reported on Facebook that Garrett Fulcher – owner of T’s located at 3416 Mike Padgett Highway, has decided not to reopen the nearly 70-year-old seafood restaurant and close permanently.

Fire struck T’s on Labor Day of 2020 and owner Garrett Fulcher chose not to re-build.

T’s has been closed since Labor Day 2020, when a fire caused extensive damage to the restaurant. Fulcher chose to remain closed due to the exorbitant cost of repairing the damage and restoring the building to its previous condition. In a single day, Rhodes post garnered 1,000 reactions from regular customers who were sad to read the news. Many mentioned how much they will miss the hush puppies. For example, Adam Clements – an Augusta native, recalled childhood memories of the restaurant. “My dad’s first job was at T’s,” says Clements. “We ate there every week for years.” Susan Harper, of Evans, expressed how much she misses the seafood. “We always looked forward to going to T’s,” Harper states. “They had the best broiled scallops and shrimp.”

While most of the commenters expressed their disappointment, others mentioned Downtown T’s, which is now open at 220 Georgia Avenue in North Augusta. The smaller restaurant is owned and operated by Tiffany Fulcher Hagerty, Fulcher’s daughter.

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