Sun, April 21, 2024

Augusta’s river region to welcome revenue from April events

With Augusta National Golf Club’s Masters Tournament bringing much-anticipated revenue to the local area, there are several other events taking place this April that will add to the region’s economic growth.

Destination Augusta and the Augusta Sports Council reported that the estimated 1,030 visitors attending meetings, reunions, events, and sporting events in Augusta’s River Region will generate at least $1 million in total estimated economic impact (EEI) in April 2024.

Below is a chart displaying the estimated financial revenue projects from the following events. These are groups Destination Augusta, and/or the Augusta Sports Council have worked with at some point in the site selection and/or planning phase.


According to a press release sent to ABD on April 1, Destination Augusta and the Augusta Sports Council find that recruiting and hosting various activities play a crucial role in maintaining the nearly 30,000 Leisure and Hospitality Industry jobs. These jobs are the fourth largest employment sector in the metro area.

Destination Augusta and the Augusta Sports Council compile the total EEI based on research commissioned from both Explore Georgia and Destinations International. This is done in conjunction with globally recognized research vendors, the U.S. Travel Association and Tourism Economics.

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