Sat, July 13, 2024

holistic health

Sol Himalayan Salt Cave & Spa

A spa can be a relaxing escape, but at Sol Himalayan Salt Cave & Spa, we believe it can be so much more. Our spa services are thoughtfully selected to support your overall physical, spiritual and emotional health. We are proud to offer the only salt cave in the greater Evans and Augusta, GA, area. A holistic approach to health and wellness seeks to understand the root cause of an individual’s physical symptoms, and make changes that address the root cause – not just the symptom. Holistic wellness relies on natural treatments when possible, and focuses on therapies that can improve an individual’s long-term overall health. Sol is committed to providing spa services that contribute to each client’s wellbeing. Many clients find that our services greatly improve or eliminate their symptoms, while others find our spa services complement the approaches prescribed by their doctor or other specialist.
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