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CSRA businesspeople make New Year’s “revolutions”

While many give up on their New Year’s resolutions by the middle of January, Julese Dortch discovered a simple way to stick to one of her resolutions.

Dortch – marketing strategist for ATC Development in Augusta – is a self-proclaimed night owl, but she set a goal to wake up three minutes earlier each day than the previous day. Dortch now gets to work before others, much to the surprise of her co-workers, and has more time to pursue her goals. “I used to be in the second wave of people getting to work,” says the Virginia native. She attended the Augusta Metro Chamber of Commerce’s monthly Women in Business Luncheon on Tuesday, Jan. 18.

Dr. Meredith Rausch – Associate Professor of Counselor Education at Augusta University – was the guest speaker for this month’s Augusta Metro Chamber of Commerce Women in Business Luncheon. (Photo courtesy of the Chamber)

The guest speaker was Dr. Meredith Rausch – associate professor of counselor education at Augusta University. Rausch’s presentation was called “Revolutionize Your Resolutions: Changing Our Approach to the New Year.” She says one reason so many people don’t stick to their New Year’s resolutions is they’re often unspecific. For example, a common generic resolution is to be happier. “Happier is pretty abstract,” states Rausch. “It’s hard to quantify happiness.” Instead, she encourages others to develop specific goals and determine the small steps needed to achieve those goals. Rausch explains it’s also important to understand why you want to change things about your life, such as your job. “You should ask yourself, “’What do I dislike about my current job?’” she says.

Kayla Hogan – Marketing and Communications Coordinator for Meybohm Real Estate – enjoyed Rausch’s presentation, especially when she discussed making revolutionary changes, not resolutions. (Photo taken from

Rausch also encourages people to find accountability partners who can help them reach their goals. “We want to be intimately connected to other people,” she states. Rausch emphasizes the importance of making revolutionary changes one step at a time instead of New Year’s resolutions that are hard to keep. “Resolutions don’t work because they’re too small,” she explains. It’s also important to change your thinking, practice gratitude for even the small positives in your life, and give yourself grace when you get off track. “When we fail, we say there’s always next year,” adds Rausch about resolutions.

Kayla Hogan – marketing and communications coordinator for Meybohm Real Estate – also attended the luncheon and learned some useful tips for reaching her goals. “I think her point about resolutions versus revolutions really hit home for me,” says Hogan.

Dortch also found the information Rausch shared to be very helpful. “The ability to take incremental steps and give yourself grace is very important to your success,” she states.

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