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Monday, June 5, 2023

Earth Day: Local business leaders create eco-friendly topsoil

(from left to right) Tim McCormick, of Humble Acres Organics; Bill Tiszai, of Cold Creek Nurseries; and Lisa Wilson, of G.L. Williams & Daughter Trucking, formed a partnership to create Jackpot, a premium topsoil blend made locally. (Photo courtesy Alison South Marketing)

While most of the world will be celebrating Earth Day Thursday, April 22nd online at, three CSRA business owners hope their eco-friendly product will ring the cash registers at Cold Creek Nurseries in Aiken.

The private-label Jackpot topsoil creation is a business partnership between Cold Creek Nurseries, Humble Acres Organics, and G.L. Williams & Daughter Trucking. The trio has been collaborating for years as a way to help each other’s businesses.

Jackpot Topsoil is available for purchase in 50-pound bags at Cold Creek Nurseries. It is also available for bulk delivery and installation.

Cold Creek’s Landscape Maintenance crews have been using G.L. Williams & Daughter Trucking in Graniteville to haul yard debris from jobs. In the spring of 2020, the nursery began carrying I Can’t Believe It’s Chicken Manure Compost, which is produced by Humble Acres Organics in Blackville, S.C.

Now, the three companies have joined forces to create a quality product that is environmentally friendly and locally made. Cold Creek owner, Bill Tiszai, explains: “Jackpot Topsoil is a full-circle process.”

Cold Creek provides yard debris to G.L. Williams & Daughter Trucking. It is composted and sand is added to provide good drainage. 

Then, Humble Acres Organics mixes in their nutrient-rich chicken manure compost and bags the product. 

It is then delivered to Cold Creek Nurseries, where it is sold to customers and used by the Cold Creek Landscape Design and Maintenance departments.

“Rather than adding yard debris to a landfill, we are able to compost it and create a product that can be put right back into the earth,” G.L. Williams & Daughter Trucking President,” Lisa Wilson said. Composting allows these materials to break down in a matter of months rather than years of sitting in a landfill.”

Tim McCormick, owner of Humble Acres Organics has a key ingredient in Jackpot Topsoil.

“Our chicken manure compost is an excellent addition to the topsoil blend because it provides more calcium, nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium than other manures, which aids in exceptional plant growth. All of our Southern soils need more calcium.”

“We are proud to offer a superior product that is made locally and reduces our environmental impact,” adds Tiszai from Cold Creek Nurseries.

A local way to support Earth Day and beyond!


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