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First boba tea franchise of it’s kind coming soon to the CSRA

A local plastic surgeon and his business partner are about to open the first Georgia location of a California-based boba tea company.

By the end of May, Dr. Troy Austin, owner of Southeastern Aesthetic Surgery, and his girlfriend, Skyler Byrd plan to open a Teaspoon franchise at 623 Mullins Colony Drive, next to Crumbl Cookies in Evans. Founded in 2015, the company serves hand-crafted teas in a variety of refreshing flavors, including Caramel Cream, Guava Sunset, and Mango on Fire, as well as rotating seasonal flavors.

“About a year and a half ago, they reached out to me,” Austin said.


He and Byrd flew to San Jose and sampled the tea for themselves. They were impressed by the drinks’ flavors and presentation. Austin said, unlike other tea companies that also offer a variety of other drinks, Teaspoon specializes in boba tea.

“Boba tea is becoming increasingly popular, especially among younger people,” he said.

Austin said when he told his teenage daughter they were getting into the business, her jaw dropped.

“We signed a multi-unit agreement,” Byrd said.

Evans will be the first Georgia location for Teaspoon.

Once they open the Evans location, they plan to open another one in Athens. While Teaspoon will be a side business for Austin, Byrd is making a full-time commitment. She said she will be the store’s general manager for the first six to eight months.

Byrd is excited about working with their employees.

“We’ve already had about 30 people apply,” she said. “I look forward to being the kind of employer I wish I had at 16.”

Byrd said they haven’t started the hiring process yet, but they hope to hire 20 people, including a manager in training.

While everyone doesn’t like boba balls, which are pearls made from tapioca, she said customers can have their tea with other toppings, such as fresh fruit, or no toppings at all.

“I’m excited to see people truly enjoy the drinks,” Byrd said.

Austin said they plan to host a grand opening celebration with a ribbon cutting, deejay, and giveaways about a month after their soft opening.

“That’s going to be a major event,” he said.

Besides California, Teaspoon has locations in other states, including Texas, Arizona, and Nevada. For more information, visit

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