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Last chance this year for meeting city employers at job fair

Editor’s note: This is part 3 in a series of reports that Dana Lynn McIntyre has compiled for ABD regarding hiring events by the city of Augusta.

Job seekers have one more chance today to meet face-to-face with City of Augusta department heads.

The city has been holding a mega job fair over the first three weeks of this month. As with the two previous events, this one will be from 10 a.m. until 1 p.m. in the Linda Beazley Room in the Municipal Building at 535 Telfair Street.

This session will center on positions in office settings, such as the Finance Department, the Tax Assessor’s Office, and the Human Resources Department.

Human Resources Director, Anita Rookard said they decided to hold three events to give everyone specialized attention, sometimes not possible in large events. She said August seemed to be a prime month for the hiring fair.

Anita Rookard, Human Resources Director for the city of Augusta.

“August, this seems to be the perfect time. Students are going back to school. So, parents can look for a job or a new job,” she explained, adding, “August seems like the perfect time for college students who are coming to our area and may be looking for work. College students who are just graduating through their summer programs are looking for work.”

The August 10 event focused on service departments such as Augusta Utilities, Engineering, and Environmental Services, along with transportation including Augusta Transit and Augusta Regional Airport.

The first event was for public safety departments, including the Sheriff’s office, the Fire department, the 9-1-1 dispatching center, and Richmond County Marshal’s Office.

“Like every law enforcement agency, probably in the country, we’re all looking for qualified candidates, someone, that unicorn, I guess that would fit the culture that we have at the marshal’s office. Occasionally, those folks walk in the door, and we just don’t want to miss them,” said Colonel Bill Probus Marshal’s Office.

Anyone who missed the first two events, or can’t attend today’s event, can check open positions anytime on the city’s website

“We’ve been advertising with everyone to make sure that the full list is available to everyone. And yes, go to our website to see the full list of the job opportunities we have available,” Rookard said.

Rookard anticipates holding another mega-hiring fair in the spring.

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