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Fri, September 22, 2023

Learning to give to get from fast-food giant

Chick-fil-A is a prime example of fine marketing practices. Building off a three-year stint marketing their catering program I can tell you, they really have a great operation.

When I was hired, I studied everything that I could to learn about their culture. In my studies, I learned of their history and how they got to become such a household name just by selling the simplest of menus and featuring their signature chicken sandwich.

As my career journey continued, so did my opportunities to translate their marketing techniques into my daily tasks. The two most important takeaways I have brought with me and still use to this day, and both are centered around the customer and giving to get back.

Every time you walk through the doors or speak to an employee from Chick-fil-A you hear, “My pleasure.” Much goes into these words from the history of the company, but the most important reason that employees say this is because it makes customers feel loved in each transaction that they make with staff. When your company is focused on the feelings of its customers and making them feel good from start to finish, they will come back time and time again.

Chick-fil-A’s example of how to treat customers is a valuable marketing strategy.

The second takeaway from my time at Chick-fil-A was their giving away of food to customers. Truett Cathy built his brand from the ground up around Atlanta. He did that one sandwich at a time. Initially, he built his customers by giving away sandwiches to folks to try.

His sandwiches sold themselves. He knew that if enough people were able to try his amazing product, then they would come back again and again. The tradition of giving began to grow the company and it continues to grow.

The company now uses its tradition of giving in forms of rewards for loyal patrons from the operators of each location, cards that the marketing departments give out strategically. They’re used to bring in business and to make up for meals that are filled incorrectly. They are more than generous, depending on the situation, to compensate for any errors.

We all can take a lesson or two from the fast-food giant’s textbook if we focus on giving. Whether it be in the form of giving customers a sense of belonging and feeling loved, or giving your service or product away free to get back something in return, we all win. We can make the world a better place while building a more successful business one transaction at a time.

Now if you will excuse me all this talk about chicken has made me hungry, so I think I may just go Eat More Chickin.’

Erin Campbell used to work out of this Washington Road location and is now in charge of special projects for ABD— which now includes writing!

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