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Local entrepreneur’s sauces place third in national ranking

Mark Alison has worked hard to create his own brand of sauces (see photo above), and his efforts haven’t been overlooked.

Bill Moore – a product reviewer with his own YouTube channel called “Bill Moore’s Hot & Spicy Reviews” released a new video discussing his top 35 products of 2021 on Tuesday, Dec. 21. Moore’s channel has more than 11,000 subscribers. In the video, he selected two of Alison’s sauces: Help Me Jesus Hot Sauce and the ’64 Wing Sauce for third place among his top sauces of the year. It’s “just an amazing product,” says Moore in the video. “If you’ve never tried this, I highly recommend that you do.” He explains he reviews not only a sauce’s taste, but also other factors, such as the company’s branding, packaging, and marketing.

Bill Moore reviews a variety of hot sauces on his YouTube channel called “Bill Moore’s Hot & Spicy Reviews.” (Photo taken from Facebook)

ABD previously reported on Alison’s sauces. Help Me Jesus, which he developed about eight years ago, was his first product. This summer, Alison unveiled his ’64 Wing Sauce, which is a mild sauce with a sweet, citrusy flavor. He didn’t want it to burn people’s mouths like traditional hot wing sauces. “Some sauces are so hot, you can’t taste anything,” says Alison – former owner of Alison & Associates Inc. in Augusta. Despite its name, he states Help Me Jesus is a relatively mild sauce made with serrano peppers. On Alison’s website, he ranks the sauce as a 3.5 out of 10 on the heat scale. Local businesses, such as Lanier’s Fresh Meat Market and Grice’s Butcher Shop in Aiken, carry his products, but he receives the majority of his orders online.

Mark Alison – former owner of Alison & Associates Inc., has created two sauces that a major YouTube reviewer ranked third out of 235 sauces. (Photo taken by Neil Gordon)

Alison explains he developed Help Me Jesus in one day after experimenting with different flavor combinations in his kitchen. “I’m a pretty good cook,” Alison explains. “I just kept trying it until I found what I liked.”

For more information about his sauces, visit

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