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Local pain management practice offers relief without surgery or pills

Shelley Washington (pictured in center of top photo) knows the physical and mental struggles of living with chronic pain.

Washington suffered from debilitating pain for 20 years, which is one of the reasons she enjoys working as a patient advocate at QC Kinetix – a non-invasive pain management practice that opened at 3606 Wheeler Road behind Waffle House in Augusta on Tuesday, Nov. 30. The practice is unique in that it treats chronic joint pain by using a patient’s own stem cells and plasma, which allow the body to heal itself without the need for surgery, steroids, or pain medication. “Everything we use comes directly from the patient,” says Washington. “Everything is natural.” While some experience significant relief from pain and inflammation within the first two weeks, QC Kinetix encourages patients to stick with treatment for six months. Unlike surgery, these therapies require no downtime or lengthy recovery periods. “They don’t have to miss any work,” she states. Washington met with a patient who works in manufacturing and couldn’t afford to take time off for surgery and recovery. “He was so excited about this option,” she explains.

QC Kinetix is located at 3606 Wheeler Road behind Waffle House in Augusta. (Photo taken by Josh Heath)

While the Augusta location is too new to provide patient feedback, Washington visited another location in South Carolina. “I was able to meet people who completed their treatment,” she says. Washington recalls one patient who was an avid runner until knee pain made running impossible. “He was pain free in six months,” she states. Washington explains the treatments are highly effective, but because they’re elective procedures, insurance won’t cover the costs. Financing is available, and for many patients who haven’t received relief from other treatments, becoming pain free is well worth the cost. “The patients are investing in themselves and their health,” she adds. The company offers patients a free consultation.


Emmitt Smith – former running back for the Dallas Cowboys – acts as spokesman for QC Kinetix. Washington says he’s been an advocate for making alternative therapies part of mainstream medicine in the U.S. “They’ve been doing this in Europe for decades,” she states. Washington explains many American professional athletes have traveled overseas for joint pain relief.

In this room, a phlebotomist extracts plasma, protein, and other components from patients’ blood. (Photo taken by Josh Heath)

Like any treatment, these pain relief procedures aren’t right for every patient, according to Brian Procida (pictured at far left of top photo), owner of the Augusta QC Kinetix location. “Anyone who has a compromised immune system wouldn’t be eligible for stem cell therapy,” says Procida, who has a background in information technology. In those cases, the staff is able to provide other services, such as prolotherapy, which involves injecting the patient with a dextrose solution to help rebuild tissue. He bought the local franchise because he believes in the therapies QC Kinetix provides. “This is proven to be an effective treatment,” Procida states. There are currently about 60 franchises throughout the U.S.

The Augusta location is open on Tuesdays only. For more information, visit or call 706-310-8863.

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