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Local vodka sellers and drinkers refuse to take shots at Russia

In some states, people are ditching their Russian vodka shots for rum or Jack, but in Georgia, its business as usual, according to employees of local bars and liquor stores.

Because of Russia’s recent invasion of Ukraine, officials in various states, including Ohio, New Hampshire and Utah, have asked liquor stores to stop stocking Russian-made alcohol products. ABD contacted CSRA liquor stores and bars to find out if they were still selling these products. They said so far there have been no changes.

An employee at Stevens Creek Wine & Spirits, said she and her customers haven’t begun boycotting vodka.

“People are still buying what they want to buy,” the employee said. “We haven’t had anyone come in here and say they wouldn’t buy Russian vodka.”

Some states are rebelling against Russian aggression by dumping vodka, but that’s not happening in Augusta.

The same thing is happening at Harvard Wine & Beverage on Old Evans Road, a store employee said. Harvard still stocks Russian vodka brands, and she hasn’t heard any customer complaints so far.

Local bars haven’t changed the drinks they serve either. An employee at Tipsy McStumbles, a bar on Seventh Street in downtown Augusta, said patrons still order as many vodka drinks as they did before the Russian invasion.

“It’s too soon to tell if that will change,” he said.

According to Forbes, imports of vodka from Russia have decreased by 79 percent in the last 10 years. The most popular brands in the United States originate in places other than Russia: Grey Goose from France, Belvedere from Poland, Ketel One from the Netherlands, Absolut from Sweden and Stolichnaya from Latvia. Skyy and Smirnoff are made in the United States.

Even ones with Russian sounding names, like Nikolai, Orloff and Popov, come from the United States. So there are still plenty of options for those wanting to drink a White Russian.

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