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Thu, November 30, 2023

Locally owned pediatric urgent care celebrates first anniversary

Carlee Leopard, MSN, APRN, CPNP opened NiteOwl Pediatric Urgent Care one year ago, and it’s one of the first urgent care clinics specialized for children in South Carolina.

According to a press release, NiteOwl’s vision for the clinic is to complement the pediatrician. Staffed by board-certified pediatric nurse practitioners, Nite Owl Pediatric Urgent Care treats children from newborns through age 21. They accept Georgia and South Carolina Medicaid plans, as well as most major private insurances.

Leopard is also one of the first nurse practitioners in the state to open her own pediatric office.


“I am so excited to report that we have served nearly 4,000 kids in the last year,” she said.

Located in North Augusta, the clinic is helping reduce non-emergency visits to the ER and lift the burden that pediatricians’ offices in the area have faced this past year.

Leopard said she noticed the huge gap in pediatric after-hours care in her community and has worked towards making a significant impact in the way acute care is delivered to the children of the CSRA.

“I am very passionate about ensuring that the children in my community get high-quality, specialized pediatric care,” said Leopard. “When your child is sick, it’s easy to take them to the closest open office. But I am constantly trying to educate our community about the differences in the prompt care that’s on every corner and urgent care that is just for kids.”

Leopard said she and her staff have decades of experience working with children. She said this is important because illnesses can go undiagnosed or improperly treated if kids go to adult offices.

“Not a lot of people understand that adult providers or physicians don’t get training in pediatrics, or if they did, it was years ago during a rotation in school,” she said.

Leopard reflected on the work she has done to contribute to pediatric care in the area.

“This first year in business has definitely come with its ups and downs, but I know that it is my true calling to serve my community in this way,” she said. “I can’t wait to see what God does with me and NiteOwl over the next year!”

To learn more about NiteOwl Pediatric Urgent Care, visit or follow them on their social media pages.

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