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New local jobs site already a big hit with the business community

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About 10 local business leaders, along with several virtual participants, watched the presentation. There are already about 2,000 local jobs posted on the site.

The Augusta Metro Chamber of Commerce has developed a new platform called Talent 2 Work to address the local labor shortage, and it has already received tremendous support from the CSRA business community.


Chamber President Sue Parr says 2,000 area jobs have already been posted to the site, which officially launched on Wednesday, May 19. This includes Georgia Power, Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, along with jobs from the cyber and medical field.

“We don’t have enough workers,” says Parr. “Our labor market has been disrupted.” About 10 local business leaders, along with several virtual participants, attended a tutorial session about the employment platform at the Augusta Metro Chamber of Commerce on Thursday, May 20.

Sue Parr, president of the Augusta Metro Chamber of Commerce, led a tutorial session on the new Talent 2 Work platform on Thursday, May 20. In the session, she showed local business leaders how to navigate the site and set up a profile.

Faith Edmondson hasn’t visited the Talent 2 Work website yet, but it’s on her to-do list. Edmondson – co-owner of Gateway Grant Services and executive director of the nonprofit Center for New Beginnings – plans to use the new site to recruit employees. “That’s why I came here today to learn about it,” she says.

Parr led the presentation, which showed participants how to navigate the free site and set up profiles that will attract potential applicants. “We need a one-stop-shop for all of our stakeholders,” including colleges, job seekers, and employers, she says. “Put information about your business, and market your company.” Talent 2 Work does what many other jobs site do and more. Job seekers can find information about positions, career paths, training opportunities, and even local colleges to prepare them for the workforce. Employers can view both applicant profiles and training results. Parr encourages employers to create a thorough profile. “The more information that’s on your profile, the better job seekers will understand what you’re looking for,” she states.

The site also has job cards for a variety of positions and shows information job seekers like to know, such as average starting salary, skills required, and the kind of temperament needed to be effective in those positions. But it’s not just for finding new employees. “Think about the staff who work for you,” and how they could benefit from the training opportunities on the platform, Parr explains. She says while the site is user-friendly, business owners have to use it to understand it. “Go in and play with it,” Parr adds. “Experience it and see the value.”

For more information or to set up a profile for your business, visit



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