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Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Nuck Services: The Best Way to Find the Perfect Candidate

Nuck Services began after working with several established recruiters and learning that I could help companies in all industries, on a local and national level. Our number one goal is to work with employers to identify candidates that fulfill the required needs and fit within the company’s culture.

People often ask, “Where does the name “Nuck” come from?” For those of you that do not know, the name “Nuck” not only consists of the first four letters of my last name, but it is also my son’s nickname in baseball. This name represents exactly what I want my business to be known for, hard work, respect, determination, and strong character.

Nuck Services currently provides candidate sourcing and recruiting for several different industries. My current focus is commercial construction and engineering, residential construction, paint and auto body, medical/healthcare, packaging, and multiple manufacturing segments. We hope to provide guidance, support, and consultation to all business types. The recent COVID-19 pandemic created several obstacles and barriers that businesses of all sizes are facing. There has been a reduction in our workforce, making it difficult to find the perfect candidate.

After serving in the healthcare and medical industry for more than 10 years, I knew I wanted to continue helping others by providing genuine and honest guidance. The decisions made by employers and candidates to pursue potentially long-term relationships have implications for all of us. Nuck Services is based on understanding our clients’ culture and identifying candidates that will potentially fill the clients’ needs while thriving in their new position.

I am often asked if I can help someone find a job. I welcome resume submissions and attempt to help others when possible. If a resume and candidate profile matches an opportunity, we are attempting to fill for our clients, we will certainly share. Our primary goal is to establish a working relationship with employers, and then identify candidates that fulfill their needs.

If your business needs recruiting, sourcing, or consultation, we are happy to speak with you. Open and honest conversation allows us all to learn and share helpful knowledge. Unless clients choose to have us on as a retainer, we do not receive compensation until our candidates are hired. Nuck Services believes in helping to make your business stronger by choosing candidates that are right for the job the first time.

If you are looking for a recruiting firm that can help you find the perfect candidate, contact Nuck Services today.

Nuck Services contact information:

Trey Nuckols
Managing Recruiter

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