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Nutritional Resources Inc. and Ovation Foods Announce Strategic Partnership

Nutritional Resources Inc. dba HealthWise, a Grovetown, Georgia creator of meal replacements and high protein nutritional foods announced a strategic and financial partnership with Ovation Foods Inc. based in Waterloo, Wisconsin in a press release April 27.

In a statement released by Nutritional Resources Inc., the company said that it finds Ovation Foods Inc. to hold similar values.

“For almost 30 years, Nutritional Resources has been committed to providing healthcare professionals with the highest quality, greatest tasting, and affordable nutritional products to help their patients reclaim their passion for life. Ovation Foods is on a similar mission to create the most nutritionally dense snack foods using innovative and proprietary food technology and the power of the natural whole egg.  The egg is nature’s multivitamin and one of the most nutrient-dense foods on earth.

“This is an exceptionally exciting time in food science. Innovation is critical to providing affordable nutrient-rich snacks. Nutritional Resources Inc. and Ovation Food’s core values are aligned in that good health starts with good nutrition.

“Ovation Foods will also be leveraging innovative food technologies created by Ab E Discovery in Wisconsin to reinvent real foods into nutrient-rich snacks that can deliver proven bio-functional benefits for everyday snacks.”

In addition to the partnership, the company announced that it was recognized as SMETA certified earlier this month.

“SMETA is the most widely used ethical audit format in the world,” they stated. “It audits the best practices in the field of corporate social responsibility and environmental stewardship.”

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