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Pandemic derails start-up restaurant in Evans

Shemp and Petey’s restaurant on Washington Road opened in the summer and didn’t make it to fall—closing on August 28th.

Shemp’s and Petey’s was known for culinary concoctions like their “Big Beefy and Grilled Cheese” sandwiches

The restaurant offered up unique sandwiches and homemade pasta dishes with a local flair. The restaurant took over for a pair of eateries that closed in the same spot such as The Garlic Clove and J.T Yesterday’s.

“Sorry everyone, we tried to stay open, but we got hit pretty hard starting off and were not able to overcome it,” wrote one of the co-owners announcing the close on their Facebook Page.

Some restaurants tell ABD they are dealing with a 30% increase in food costs and major staff shortages.

The closing left customers with a bad taste in their mouths, because Shemp and Petey’s made a connection to the community.

“One of my favorite places to eat and fellowship without feeling the pressure to move on. As one of your frequent fliers, I’m sad to see you go, but know you’ll be back with another endeavor. God bless,” wrote Margaret Tutt.

“I will miss being able to sit without feeling the need to hurry and finish eating my meal,” added Christine Tutt.

“You had some great ideas and great attitude. We’ll watch for your next startup,” wrote Karen Barnes.

One fan will miss the food and has an idea for the creators.

“Thats so sad…..however, food truck will be a little more affordable!” added Susie Sapp.

You’ve got good food, my sister just started at Columbia public defender. She was looking forward to it. You can do so much w a food truck!! Also, I’m so sad I can’t get the chicken broccoli as I’m still on mush food. But seriously, consider the food truck!!”

For the final word, the two owners thanked those who supported them for the few months they were open.

“We will be back and thanks for all the support. Me and my sidekick did have a lot of fun starting this business up,” said one of the owners.

“Hi! I’m the sidekick and I just wanted say thanks to everyone who supported us we deeply appreciate all the love that everyone gave. It was fun serving everyone and praying to see y’all again very soon!” said Lazy Kammy.

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